[04/24/23] Mind-Body Monday: Healing Habits of Mind

  1. Before I open my eyes I plan my manifestations for the day. Today mine were:

    I love being healthy in body and mind.
    I am open and allowing for abundance.
    I have everything I need and things are always working out for me every day.
    I am confident and excited for this new change in my daughter’s life.


The important trick of manifestations is to make them present focused because you don’t necessarily want to just manifest something to happen someday. You also don’t want to use a negative. So you wouldn’t say, I am grateful to NOT be in pain. Also, you want to make them something that you actually believe. If you don’t feel it, then it is just words that will seem pointless, and can actually be frustrating to say. 

For instance, I have had some back pain for the past several days that I know is connected to some fear for someone that I haven’t been able to release yet. Even though I knew before I opened my eyes that my back hurt, I could still honestly say: I love being healthy!

Remember that the reason manifestation takes some time and isn’t easy is that you are only using the 5-10% of your brain that is the conscious mind, you have to overcome your unconscious programming filled with fears and drama that chatters at you all day long. 

  1. I meditate until my alarm goes off, or if it has already gone off, then I hit the button that gives me a 10 minute “snooze” and I use that time for my morning meditation. The reason I do this before I have even become fully conscious, is that it takes advantage of the momentum I’ve released by sleeping that might not have been in my best interest… and allows me a clearer connection to my inner being, spiritual guides and the-all-that-is. In order to increase my connection to that which helps me receive my truth from source, rather than my surroundings which can be tainted by my fears and thoughts of others, as I mentioned.

  2. Before I get out of bed I speak 5 things I’m grateful for: this morning it was:

    I am grateful to wake up before my alarm
    I am grateful to have a wonderful warm, safe bed
    I am grateful to be changing my life in remarkable way
    I am grateful to be connected and to use that connection on behalf of those that need my guidance
    I am grateful for this beautiful day

  3. Throughout my day: I watch my thoughts, looking for feelings of victimization, self pity, negative self talk, and rumination about things I don’t want.
        When (not if) I find them I try to immediately switch my thoughts to focusing on my desires, my gratitude, things I love, and things I want, and If I can’t do that, I repeat a mantra of: Things are always working out for me.

  4. When I get angry I switch my thoughts from the catalyst to the source. So if someone does or says things that I feel hurt by, I ask myself: What in me is feeling attacked? Unheard? Or afraid?

  5. I look for opportunities throughout my day to connect vertically to the all that is, the source, my inner being, my higher self, my guides, etc. As I mentioned before, this is where YOUR personal truth lies. It is not in the words of others, or the things you see or read. It is your connection to the greater, or God, whatever you see that to be.
    (by the way I teach how to do this in my courses) ;)

  6. I look for opportunities to journal, asking for guidance with problems or pain. Having any feeling that is lower on the vibrational scale, like: fear, anger, disappointment, worry, blame, jealousy, guilt, grief, or depression, is a wonderful opportunity to just take a few minutes to do the next thing, which is:

  7. I sit in my feelings with Awareness and work on Acknowledge, Allow, Accept, and decide on an action that is needed.

  8. If I feel anxious, then I know that it is likely due to the energy of unhealed, integrated or released trauma. So when I am experiencing anxiety, I check with myself to see if I can do a little emotional discovery about what within me is being triggered by whatever it was that I just saw, heard, or thought.

  9. I pray or ask for strength, peace and self love and healing throughout my day. It has been my experience that the more we work with our guides the easier it is to hear the messages that we deeply need. So I look for opportunities for connection.

  10. I work on keeping my daily focus on the one person I can control or be in charge of, myself. I think of the phrase: There are only 3 types of business: My business, their business, and Spirit’s business. Mind your own business.

  11. At bedtime, I work on releasing or integrating any thoughts I’ve been holding into. I try not to go to sleep still nursing my resentments, or frustrations with situations or the world at large.

  12. I think of 5-10 things I’m grateful for, and I give thanks for them. They usually start with:

     I am grateful for my bed (I have a purple mattress and I freaking love it.)
     I am grateful to be safe, warm and fed, because so many are not.
     I am grateful for those that love me and those I love.
     I am grateful for a healing body.

    And then I usually add on things that were triggered during the day. Again, only if you are feeling it. Better to not speak words of gratitude then to do it and not mean it.

  13. I look for cords and release them: By this I mean, unintentional or even intentional connections with other people that can drain you of energy. (I also teach in my programs)

  14. I ask for everything unhealed in my body, mind and spirit to be transmuted into love and light. I know that both Ease and Dis-ease are symptoms of my balance of thought.

  15. Lastly, I meditate to the sound of rain for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or more, depending on what my system needs.