Auto Immune Disease Recovery and Health Coaching 

“I was not capable of exercising my personal power.  As a matter of fact, I didn't even know I had any personal power to heal my body.  I always felt trapped in this body that didn't work and hurt all the time.  Casandra showed me that I do have the power to heal myself and that my mind and my spirit are as important in healing as my body. Casandra is a truly gifted and caring healer.  I would highly recommend her without hesitation.”  P. Bliele

     In 2014 while studying at UC Davis I began suffering horrible IBS symptoms and severe back pain. No one could figure out what was wrong for years. Finally in 2018, I was diagnosed with an incurable and crippling Autoimmune disease. I was put on Humira and set up for a radical surgery to remove a section of my colon. After trying their treatments for 6 months, I felt worse instead of better and refused to continue treatment or get surgery. Instead I closed my practice and embarked on my own healing journey using the knowledge I had gained over the past two decades. I healed myself in 6 months. 


     By 2019 it was completely cured and my Rheumatologist told me I didn't need them anymore, and sent me home. I used what I found to develop a new healing program that doesn't require bodywork.  I call this: Thought Pain Therapy. Helping people understand how their thoughts, feelings and the behaviours that follow, can help them heal and also keep them from healing. 

Have you been diagnosed with an auto immune disease, or are experiencing a combination of symptoms that doctors seem unable to diagnose? My personal journey through auto immune symptoms, diagnosis and treatment and along with my research and training has enabled me to be an effective resource for AI sufferers. 


A Guide to Understanding why you have an Auto Immune Disorder, by Casandra MacAlan:

  • Contact me to get a free summary guide helping you to understand why YOU were diagnosed with an Autoimmune disorder.  I developed this guide, and a 10 page ebook on how to heal an autoimmune disease, after substantial research into the topic at UC Davis, where I was training. I have utilized this to help myself and my clients achieve greater healing than any prescription drugs could provide on their own. I am now completely free of any markers or symptoms! Feel free to read and share this free excerpt.
  • A full Ebook Autoimmune Healing Guide is included with your first paid session. 
  • Consultation on your particular symptoms and condition.
  • Establishment of the best treatment methods for you. 
  • Development of a healing plan.
  • Recomendations for vitamins, minerals, homeopathy and other holistic healing suplements.
  • Additional resources, information and referrals.