Casandra K. MacAlan

Award Winning Speaker, Author, Coach, Healer, Teacher and Guide

New Online Presence

I am very excited to offer a free online presence that will keep you updated with all of the latest information I have discovered on the Mind-Body connection and how to free yourself from pain and limitation.


I offer a 15 minute, weekly Facebook Live every Monday at 5:30pm in a private community where you can explore different areas of the body and items of interest as they relate to pain and healing. "Free the Wisdom to Heal the Body."


In addition on Facebook I offer Masterclasses and and free monthly live coaching sessions in the private group for the first few people who comment.

Many (but not all) of these videos will also be available on my  Youtube channel, "Thoughtpaintherapy"


VLOG: Transcripts of my weekly Mind-Body Monday Facebook Live talks about healing and thought transformation


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