[01/22/24] Mind-Body Monday: Finding Wisdom Within: Connecting To Your Higher Self And Spiritual Guides

Hello my loves!


Today I want to talk about intuition and psychic development. How do you increase your intuitive gifts in order to be able to connect with your guides, loved ones, avatars? 


I am sure like most of us, you have had experiences throughout your life that you would classify as a “knowing” of something you had no way of knowing. Or perhaps you are someone who has gotten “feelings” or “vibes” from specific situations or certain individuals that were strong enough to change your mind and cause you to do or say something different than you had planned.


Maybe you might have described it as a “bad feeling” about something or someone. Or, you might have gone the more intellectual route in an explanation and said, I don’t like the sound of this, or I don’t think this is a good idea. When we get these “hits” or “gut sense” it isn’t your thinking ability that was triggered about something. It was your feelings.


Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “Thoughts are the language of the brain, but feelings are the language of the body.” I would agree and add to that, that sometimes our body speaks to us of our feelings in ways that our mind can’t understand or process. Have you ever described “getting a pit in your stomach”, a sour taste in your mouth, or said, "I can't stomach that or can’t swallow this?” Maybe something gave you “chills or the willies?” 


Whatever phrases you relate to, I am willing to bet that you do relate. Of course, you do. We all can feel the language of the body, even if we have suppressed our actual feelings. 


So what do these messages from the body mean?   They are speaking the wisdom of our highest selves. Our spiritual selves. Our universal selves. 


The part of us that is connected with All That Is. Our Holy Spirit. Our collective consciousness. Whatever words you like or use, they all really mean the same thing. The part of us that is so much greater than just the physical costume we are wearing for this living play. 


Imagine an inverted triangle. The tip is us in human form. The greatest portion of our beingness is outside the body, with a different vibrational form, not contained by mass. We are so much bigger than the roles we are playing in this life, and we do have the ability to connect to this energy, and the wisdom that it carries. I have been teaching this and practicing this for over 20 years.


Why does it matter? Well, all the information that you need to truly enjoy your life, and know the happiest and healthiest way to live it, is there. All the answers you’ve been seeking, all the guidance you’ve been needing is just waiting for you to connect to it. We are in constant contact with the All That Is, and our personalized human forms have our own connected consciousness, or higher self, that enables us to receive guidance and clarity about our individual lives and even with practice, the lives of others.


In addition to this connection into the Vortex of Energy, we also have connections with spirits that have gone before us. There are beings of light like Avatars. The term Avatar refers to manifestations of deities, like gods and goddesses from polytheistic religions or souls that have been released from their bodily forms, like our loved ones; angels, and even divine incarnate teachers that exist in human form. There is unlimited insight for us if we are willing to listen.


That thought-feeling you have gotten that made you “know” beyond a shadow of a doubt that you should or shouldn’t do something? Where did you think that came from all this time? Maybe some of you even hear messages already, whether you would admit it or not. If they turned out to be right or true, then the source is likely the same.


So the two primary questions you probably have at this point, are: How do you do you know that you are hearing from your guides, and how do you increase the ability to hear or sense or feel these messages? 


In order to discern the difference between divine guidance and your own egoic thoughts you have to learn what I like to call, the difference between thinking thoughts and hearing thoughts. In most cases the thoughts you think generally have an egoic attachment to your own belief systems. They often begin with words like, “I should”. Divine guidance will never “should” on you. ;) That is where free will comes in. 


Spirit, which is a more generic term I like to use, honors your free will at all times. You are always allowed to do unhelpful or unhealthy things. You’ve already figured out that you can do whatever you like in this world. However, Whether or not those things help you to heal and feel good about yourself and the world around you is a different story.


Our sense of self or ego, is attached to us defending itself and it’s rightness on a constant basis, even if that is in direct contradiction to feeling good. Crazy right? But if you think about it, human beings say and do stuff all the time that feels horrible in our bodies. This is often triggered by defense of the ego and the belief systems that we have made about who we are and who other people are and the world around them. 


Sadly, many of these beliefs are left over from imprinted teachings or unhealed traumatic events. This results in us thinking the same things and thus believing the same things, we always have, which results in living the same life over and over again. In fact, 85% of our minds operate unconsciously. This is why we must learn how to connect to knowledge that is greater than what we already know and believe.


Spiritual guidance, unlike that of our ego, will not be defending anything other than our own happiness. Messages from the divine source energy will bring such a strong feeling-sense of peaceful knowing to you that it can even feel strange if it contradicts your own thoughts and belief systems about something. As an example, have you ever “heard” or “felt” that something would be “okay” even when your brain was telling you that it absolutely wouldn’t be? Or the contrary, you might have heard a strong message that you shouldn’t do something even when your brain was telling you it was fine. Messages from Source don't lie. Source doesn’t need to manipulate a situation, and it doesn’t care if anyone else agrees. It simply wants You to know you are loved and give you guidance on how to make yourself happier, healthier, more abundant, and more peaceful.


So how do you learn how to do this? You have to train yourself to learn with your awareness, not your senses. Learn how to overrule the information that is coming from what you see and hear outside of yourself, in favor of the messages that are coming from within yourself.


Now I know this is a lot of information, and I am just touching on it, but fear not if you are interested in learning more, I am going to be teaching a class very soon that will provide step by step techniques on how to increase your intuition and psychic development in this way so you can learn how to receive guidance directly. If you are interested, send me an email to casandra@thoughtpaintherapy.com or message me directly and I will put you on my contact list for the class.