[02/18/24] Mind-Body Monday: The Difference Between Wishing and Waiting in Manifestation

Today I want to talk about the difference between wishing for something and waiting for something, and how that can create a powerful difference in actually manifesting it. We all know that All manifestation begins with the simple belief that it is possible to create something new and desired through thought. But before we talk more about that, we have to get real and talk about why we don’t manifest what we want if it is this simple. You have probably asked yourself, if I just have to think it into being, then why isn’t my life the way I want? I love to teach about this, and in fact I named my business Thought Pain Therapy because we all need to recognize the link between our thoughts, and the pain, suffering and lack of our lives, in order to manifest what we want. If we don’t learn how to change this, then we will continue to live yesterday’s life tomorrow. Reexperiencing the same discontent, pain and unhappiness. 


This is because without awareness, the thoughts we hold become the beliefs we hold, and if for instance, we hold ourselves, or our circumstances as victims of chaos, bad genes, a troubled childhood, bad luck etc. it is impossible to change our lives into what we want, until we learn how to change our thoughts. Or, as Einstein would say, “we are not going to solve the problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.”


Now this is more complex than it sounds, and takes some excavation. Because, even knowing this we all often unconsciously choose thoughts that cause us pain instead of pleasure. So why would anyone do this? Well, based on my psychological training, spiritual connections and physical experiences with pain, I think there are two primary reasons behind this . The first is relatively simple. 


We focus on our pain or displeasure because we think more about what we have than what we want. Now, you may think you do the opposite. You might say, I think about what I want all the time, and I still don’t have it. I believe you, because I do the same as well. We are all constantly thinking about what we want. However, the question that I want you to ask yourself, is do we think about it more than we think about the struggle or pain we are in or the things we lack? 


The difference between what we have and what we want is the contrast of our lives that feeds our desires. We have something we don’t want and that spurs a desire for what we do want. However, if we don’t immediately get it, then we generally go back to thinking how miserable or unfulfilled we are with what we have.


Imagine you or someone you love has been injured or you are struggling with an illness or disability. In our discomfort or misery we might have dreamed or prayed for something different, but we likely do that while simultaneously focusing on how miserable we are. We wish we felt better. We think regretful or resentful thoughts. I know because I have been there. 


Before I was able to find the path I used to personally heal my “incurable and crippling” autoimmune disease, I thought a lot about how miserable I was. I thought about it every morning, every evening and every moment in between where I wasn’t distracted by something else. I thought about what made me unhappy, more than I imagined what would make me happy, because it seemed so far away. We focus on what we have, what is real, what is in front of us, what we are experiencing more often than what we want, and thus it is hard to believe that it will happen, because it hasn’t yet. That is the first reason.


Recently, Spirit told me that another reason why we focus on our lack more than our desire is that we crave sympathy. Now if they would have said that to me several years ago, I would have probably not received it well. I saw sympathy as a negative thing that meant I was seeking pity and I was doing this intentionally, by choice. I would have thought it meant I was weak, but I know now, it was never something I really understood was a surrogate for love. 


The emotion of sympathy, they said, is really a by-product of our society. It is produced by us all, as regularly as toxins are released into the air, water, and soil. It is the subconscious refrain of a soul being “humanized”. We feel sorry for ourselves and others. We unconsciously recognize how confined and restricted we are from the moment we arrive in our new bodies. Hence, our first breath becomes a moment of sympathy mixed with love. We have sympathy for all those we have chosen to care about who exist without what we have or those that are in our minds suffering in some way or another. 


They went on to say that what we don’t realize is that every moment of suffering is a choice, even if it doesn't appear to be. Pain doesn’t have to be noticed or remarked upon. It doesn't even have to be felt or acknowledged. Pain is often arising because what we really want is sympathy. We want to be loved and understood. We want someone to care for us, or simply for life to not seem so hard. We want what we perceive as fairness, we want life to be different than it is. Often we simply want to prioritize our health and beingness over our productivity and doingness, and life doesn’t seem to make time for that.  


So we continue to want something different in our lives while we continue to think the same thoughts, hold the same beliefs, say the same refrains and have the same behaviors, and unsurprisingly nothing changes.


To change our lives we have to change our thoughts. There is no other way to go about it. Even if we were to win the lottery, we would still be the same person, just in more luxurious surroundings. Eventually the tenor of our thoughts of lack or pain, would find a way to change our circumstances negatively until we manifested again, what we believed in. 


Regardless of our wishes, we will always have what we believe is possible regardless of whether it is actually what we want.


We need to shift into the belief that everything we desire is not only possible, it’s already on its way. Right now. Not tomorrow. Not next week or next year. The universe, god, creator, quantum energy, whatever you want to call the force that is within us all and guides the energy of matter, well, this force already holds what you desire. 


Why? Because you've wished for it for as long as you have noticed its lack. However, have you done more than just wish? Have you believed it was coming? Have you truly waited for it to arrive? Or have you argued and complained about why it hasn’t? Have you ever known, despite what others might believe or you have feared, that your dreams were already a reality, they just haven’t knocked at your door yet? 


We all need to stop just wishing and start faithfully waiting. Start focusing on the having of your desires more than the lack of not having them. Start focusing on every second you are truly happy, rather than on the times you're not. Focus on every magical moment in your life until it becomes your daily expectation of delightful, powerful coincidences and opportunities.


Until you can’t help but notice that things are working out for you and when they do they are not a fluke, they are the beginning of what you have been waiting for. That surprising moment of happiness?


Yes, more of that is coming. That time you got out of bed and weren’t in pain for 30 seconds? Yes, next time it's gonna be a full minute. That time you were distracted from loneliness? Yes, someone to share your life with is coming, and until they do, you are enough. More money in your account than you expected?


Yes, that is the new norm, because things also cost less than you imagine. Fill yourself full of gratitude each and every instant you possibly can. 


Make moments in your day to believe that what you want is already on its way and all you have to do is wait for it. Wait for it. It is coming to you. Believe and then believe some more until despite what is occurring at this moment, you know that the next holds unlimited potential for everything you desire. Wait for what you want. Believe in it. You are magical, and whether or not it is clear to you, you are worthy.