The Feminine Freedom From Pain Program

Working with Casandra online through her Feminine Freedom Program helped me in many ways. I started out with some chronic pain in my shoulder that hounded me for two decades. Now, I barely notice pain in that area. More importantly, I worked through issues that were connected with that pain and I'm happier and more self-loving as a result. ~ Tevya F.

Specialized Feminine Freedom From Pain Programs: Designed for women who are ready to transform now. Maximize your healing quickly with an intensive program proved to help you find healing in mind, body and spirit within 6 months.

Casandra is the real deal. I just finished her six month program and it was transformational for me in so many ways. I started the program last October with several chronic issues that are no longer chronic .This program addressed all aspects of life.


I developed a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual "playbook" for myself and with her guidance and support I was able to take on lifelong belief structures that have been holding me back. My last session was with her today and to the very end she was helping me plan for the next level of my health and wellness. So grateful to her and, I'm loving me now!


It all started with a 30 minute consultation with her, which I highly recommend! Love, Emily S.

This program is exclusive to graduates of the  Feminine Freedom from Pain Program: Beginner Level 1