Mind-Body-Spirit Health

Casandra is completely non-judgmental and I felt 100% supported, loved and cared for, while also knowing she would not sugar-coat things and would be lovingly honest about any blind spots. I look forward to further work and highly recommend her as a healer! T. F. 

My personal practice focuses on helping people who struggle with pain, anxiety, depression and trauma and who are tired of feeling afraid for their health and their lives and at a loss on how to truly heal the cause, not just medicate or accept the symptoms. I teach you how to heal yourself from the inside out and how to manage your energy effectively.


Mind-body-spirit holistic coaching methods I employ:


  • Private session for 1-3 hours:
    In-person, Zoom, FB Messenger, Facetime or Phone call.

  • VIP day: 4 hours to help you discover and heal a major block or restriction that has prevented you from being free of pain.
  • Specialized intensive Feminine Freedom from Pain Programs
  • Resource recommendations
  • Group workshops and access to a private healing
    group on Facebook


    In today's world it is hard not to become inundated by the fear that pervades our news and media. It is equally difficult not to be caught up by the anxieties that our society and families face. These stressors combined with the daily mental, emotional and physical stress on our bodies, in our careers (or just daily life) combine to be a pretty heady cocktail for pain.


    Mind-body-spirit pain coaching is a specialty of mine. I am able to assist you in seeing your struggles and limitations in an entirely different way. This helps you to reduce not just the pain, but the darkness and depression that come with it.


    Helping you to be empowered in your healing is my primary goal. Let me help you maximize your healing so that you can free yourself from mental, emotional or phyiscal pain and reclaim your life and the hope you may have lost.


Take your health back. Own your life and your ability to recover the you that you remember, and make your life magnificent!