This program is exclusive to graduates of the 

Feminine Freedom from Pain Program: Beginner Level 1

This is a group training course where we will be going deeper into discoveries made in Level 1, and providing NEW universal principles, energetic strategies and spiritual practices.  Level 2 supports and enhances the successes you achieved in Level 1 and increases your physical health and emotional well-being.


You will overcome your biggest obstacles so that you can decrease your daily discomfort and stress and increase your feelings of joy and freedom.


Monthly Workshop Topics

Discover the best ways for your personality, time and lifestyle to enable you to find a sense of peace and get a deeper connection to your higher self.

Readings* from: Nothing Special - Living Zen, Molecules of Emotion, Videos: Hicks, Dispenza, and MacAlan

Understand how your beliefs affect your body and your health, and how you can reframe your thoughts so you can have more control over how you experience your life & your health.

Readings from: The Body Keeps the Score, Waking the Tiger, You Are the Placebo, Videos: The Secret, Reality vs. Perception, Judgement vs. Discernment

Access tools to be able to start objectively witnessing your life from a place of non-judgment, so that you can feel better physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually (empowered).

Readings from: Change your Brain:Change your Life, I Thought it was Just Me, Videos: Emotional Detective: part 1 and 2

Recognize when your “buttons” have been pushed so that you can keep yourself from writing painful narratives about interactions that are reactions to your perception,  allowing you to remain peacefully centered and out of unnecessary conflict.

Readings from: Loving What is aka The Work, Videos: Perception vs. Reality, Responsibility Prayer

Learn what parts of your body are being harmed or healed by your thoughts, focus on healing & alignment, and interrupt your long standing self defeating patterns. Become a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory.  

Readings from: Heal your Body Heal your Life,  Molecules of Emotion, You are the Placebo, A Course in Miracles, Videos: Messages from the Body 1-6

Connect with your higher self and the guides you have come to earth with to best utilize the information they give you and lead a happier and healthier life. 

Readings from: Journey of your Soul, Akashic Records, Chakras

*Selected sections from numerous works that are salient to each pillar will be
provided to you, no books need to be purchased for this course

Each month in this program you will receive:

✔️ Coaching: 1 - 45 minute, private coaching session focusing on your personal needs, challenges and successes.
✔️ Training: 1 - 60+ minute group training session beginning with breathwork, focusing on the monthly readings and discussion to help you apply these concepts to your life.
✔️ Community: 1 - 60+ minute group workshop specifically designed for the needs of the small number of group participants in the class, including group healing ceremonies using Reiki and energy medicine and meditations to help you connect to your higher self, guides and ancestors.
✔️ Check-ins: 2 - Voxer / FB Messenger check-in / digestion and celebration calls.
✔️ Multimedia Content: Specifically curated readings and videos each month designed to help you understand yourself, what’s been holding you back, and the monthly theme.
✔️ Supplements: Personally recommended herbs and nutrients from some of the highest quality brands: Pure Encapsulations, Genestra, Seroyal, Wobenzym, Douglas Laboratories and Integrative Therapeutics to assist you with upleveling your health needs, all shipped free and directly to you at a 40% discount.
✔️ Inflammation Testing: Discounted Mediator Release Testing (MRT) from Oxford Biomedical Technologies for those of you struggling with food sensitivities, difficulty with weight loss, as well as other gastrointestinal, neurological, endocrine, musculoskeletal, dermatological, and gynecological issues. Removing inflammation can improve even the most stubborn difficulties like: insomnia, depression and chronic fatigue.