Monthly Workshop Topics

Who were you before you started experiencing this pain, anxiety or depression? Who do you see yourself as now? Who do you want to be and where do you see yourself in the future? 

Learn how to transform your pain into possibility. So that you can free yourself from limiting thoughts by shifting your focus from your present experience to your desired outcome. Find out what has been holding you back.

Learn how to say “No” and set boundaries for yourself and your relationships to support your recovery and healing. Understand how the guidance of your pain and/or anxiety and depression is motivating you to change and take back control of your life. Discover your authentic self.  

Review current habits and establish healthier patterns for eating, exercise, stress and emotional conflict. Discover the best resources for your healing journey. Learn the difference between self-care and self-indulgence.  

Fine tune your discoveries and changes and enjoy new thought patterns and a healthier lifestyle strengthened by the success you’ve gained by doing the work.  Build on your new capabilities and own that you have more power than you realized. 

Continue moving forward, maintaining your transformation from pain/fear and limitation to lasting freedom and thriving health. What do you want to do next to stay on track, as you live your new life?  


Your Six-Month Journey Includes…

Each month in this program you will receive:

✔️ 1:1 Health assessments
✔️ 1:1 Mind-Body holistic health  coaching
✔️ 1:1 Mind-Body holistic health coaching
✔️ Homework and at-home practices to meet you where you are at
✔️ Supplement recommendations for reductions in stress and anxiety, inflammation and pain reduction, and sleep improvement
✔️ Guided meditations designed to provide greater peace, healing and energy unblocking
✔️ Discounted MRT inflammation testing through Oxford Biomedical Labs
✔️ Access to exclusive content in our private on-line community: Free the Wisdom to Heal the Body. Live weekly videos every Monday to assist with healing and enlightenment