More love from my wonderful clients & students

"Over the years Cas has helped me with physical problems, but also helped me see the mind-body connection, counseled me through emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, and most importantly continues to teach me the best, most powerful and profound ways to care for myself, so that I don't have to rely on her or anyone else to make changes in my life and body."   E. Randon

"You have taught me that sometimes we have to live with pain, but not in the darkness of pain, and that has completely eliminated my suffering. Thank you." M. White

“You're the best in the business. What else could I say?” R. Kingston

“My symptoms were completely relieved after only a few sessions, and have largely stayed away with the help of maintenance "check-up" sessions.  I continue to call on Casandra as my first line of defense for any issue I face, whether emotional, physical or spiritual.  She is an extraordinary healer.  I am so grateful to have found her.” M. Hollinbeck

“Every time I came to see you I was tired, stressed  angry and sad.  I recall one session where you talked me through my anger and helped me release it. WOW, what a feeling!  I left that day feeling like a ton of bricks were lifted off my shoulders.”   D. Chambers

“This is truly an enlightening experience and  I have grown in self knowledge and learned in different levels how to take care of my self mentally, and the ability to deal with more day to day stresses.” T. Ames

“She has not only facilitated my healing, getting me out of pain both immediately and in the long term, but she has facilitated healing on a deeper level, the level that spreads through my entire body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  She has taught me ways to continue my healing when she is not around and has empowered me to facilitate my own healing process both independent of and in conjunction with the work she offers me.” K. Robinson

“Casandra's work has changed my life and her love for what she does and her unconditional love for me - has helped me to start healing my life!” S. Straley

From my wonderful students...

I took my first class from Casandra in November 2006.  My healthcare coverage and prescriptions were costing more and more every year and it occurred to me that there could very well become a time when healthcare would not be affordable for the average person.  I wanted to learn more about how I could help myself and my family if that time ever came. 

Casandra is an excellent teacher.  I was most impressed with how well prepared she is for every class.  I have had some classes with other teachers that just ramble and you can tell they hadn’t really prepared ahead of time and did not have a lesson plan. Casandra really knows her subjects and she keeps her classes moving so that all the information is covered.  I trust that anything Casandra teaches has been well researched and I believe she puts her heart into every class.
 I wouldn’t hesitate to take more classes from her.
S. Jacobson