Massage Therapy: Relaxation For Your Body

  In the United States, back pain has become public ailment no. 1. For many people, back pain considerably impairs their ability to do and enjoy the things they perform on a daily basis. Massage has proven to be an effective means of easing, and releasing body and joint pain. When combined with Acupressure, the targeted treatment massage options can reduce the amount of pain substantially, and sometimes even completely over a course of treatments, allowing you to live a more relaxed and pain free life.

Targeted Treatment Massage Therapy Specialties

  Massage is one of humanity's oldest forms of therapy, and it helps prevent a wide variety of ailments. It is a complimentary therapy to many other healing modalities.

In chiropractic work, because muscle attaches to tendon which attaches to bone, clients who incorporate massage therapy into chiropractic treatment state that their adjustments are more effective and generally last longer. For recovery from injury, although physical therapy can be very beneficial for strengthening muscles, if the problem is excessive contraction or tight muscles, massage therapy can be even more beneficial for reducing tension in the body.


  For beneficial injury and accident recovery, Massage Therapy is essential. Muscles in a recovery stage, will often become restricted and heal poorly. With massage therapy muscle fibers can become closer to adhering end to end rather than in a congested clump as is common after an injury.


  When general muscle restriction and contraction due to repetitive motion or just daily living, goes untreated for long periods of time the body will attempt to compensate for restricted movement.  This will often create strains in other uninjured parts of the body or 'poles' areas above or below the actual injury or on an opposing side of the body. Now instead of a singular symptom or area, there becomes other areas of pain and suffering without any apparent cause.