Casandra K. MacAlan

Award Winning Speaker, Author, Coach, Healer, Teacher and Guide

Casandra has studied, taught and authored work over her 21+ year career in psychology, healing arts and holistic counseling. 

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I’ve been seeing Casandra for over 15 years. She has been a Brilliant Light of Support and Knowledge, & has walked with me through the Healings so Deeply Extreme I couldn’t live with these wounds. Through my willingness to face the Deep Scars of the Past, Casandra guided me to where I am today. I Found Forgiveness for the unforgivable. I have grown Spiritually to a place I never Knew was Possible. I continue to grow in the most Positive & amazing ways working with Casandra. She has been the Greatest form of Support. She, is Highly Educated, & Certified in Many forms of Healing I don’t even know them all. If you need Physical and/or Emotional Healing, or Looking to Grow your Spiritual self, Perhaps You Wish to become a Healer for others. I Highly Recommend that you Make an appointment with Casandra MacAlan. You will be very Glad you did. Blessings in Your Journey



Casandra's techniques are amazing for physical, mental and spiritual healing. She helped me tremendously in recovering from chronic pain and buried emotional trauma that was causing physical suffering. She creates a very safe space to heal and share. I especially appreciate that she is truly interested in having her clients heal completely and not keeping them as clients for life, although I'm sure most of her clients consider her a friend for life. I have recommended her to many people. 

Love you!



My first experience of Casandra was of the physical acupressure work that was like magic for getting me out of pain that no one else could lessen.  But the most powerful part of the experience, from Reiki classes to overall mind-body health coaching, was her insight into the connections between the physical manifestations of dis-ease and pain I experienced, and the mental-social-emotional roots of those issues.  Sometimes those roots can be sensitive to uncover, and her questions and insights are always delivered with compassion, kindness and truth.  Casandra has an unparalleled ability to guide me to the understanding of concrete, repeatable steps that I can use tackle my health challenges holistically, and my semi-chronic pain before it becomes pain!  Now I live too far away for an office visit, but her ability to link health to the entire mind-body-emotion-spirit matrix means that I can still benefit from her years of experience and her many healing gifts to protect my health proactively or after an incident begins.


Love you honey!



I’ve gone to Casandra off and on for 20 years, and I have always been so grateful to have her on my team. I deeply appreciate her ability to see and sense the root of whatever is going on, and to tell me the plain truth of what she sees with unwavering directness, integrity, and compassion. Her intuition is spot on. Her teaching is immaculate. She has guided me through so many life transitions and now that I live on the east coast, I am thrilled to be able to work with her virtually! I recommend Casandra’s work wholeheartedly to anyone who is ready to work deeply to connect to their empowered self and heal whatever is muddying that connection.

Maggie xo



Casandra has been such a positive light in my life. I have chronic pain from degenerative disc disease and Cas always instinctively knows what I need to feel better. She has also helped me set up a program I use at home, which has been a life saver! From counseling to bodywork, her loving care has helped me more often, and in more ways than I can count. I can't recommend her highly enough.



My head is filled with so many thoughts on this subject that I'm finding it very hard to narrow it down. It's hard to describe in just a few sentences and in terms that everyone can relate to how much you have improved my life. So, for now I'll go with this...


After nearly 20 years of working diligently with Physical Therapist's, Pain Management Specialist's, and finally surgeons which resulted in very little pain relief and just the promise of more pain meds and surgeries, I knew there must be another option. 


What I received when I started seeing Casandra was the Belief that I was a crucial part in achieving and living the quality of life that I wanted. Casandra's vast knowledge on health, nutrition, and body work, combined with her innate desire to help and heal is amazing.


Much Love



I started seeing Casandra for massage over 20 years ago. It was clear to me at that first session that she was one of the most incredible healers I’ve ever worked with, so I’ve been working with her consistently since then. One of the things that impresses me the most about her is her continual drive to learn, grow, and expand her wealth and depth of knowledge. Over the years, she’s studied many different methodologies and always brings such profound healing treatments and guidance to any issue I’ve walked in the door with. She literally notices some of my physical or energetic issues that I’ve walked in the door with, even articulating them before I’m able to. Her healing intuition is a thing of wonder.

I continued to see her virtually during the pandemic. I don’t know how I could have gotten through the pandemic without her coaching, insight and light. Even remotely her ability to connect the physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual planes is lifesaving.

As I’ve traveled the world, I always look for good body, energy, or spiritual workers. I’ve found some incredible healers, but I’ve never found anyone as incredible as Casandra. I couldn’t recommend her more for anyone looking for holistic, powerful, transformative results. She’s truly one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever met.

- Niki

I first met Casandra MacAlan at a martial arts seminar.  We were both scheduled to teach classes in Asian healing arts.  I must state that I was immediately impressed with her skill and knowledge; so much so that I ended up taking lessons from her and receiving treatments from her.  Casandra is not only a gifted healer, but also a gifted teacher.  Her breadth of knowledge still continues to amaze me.  In my studies and training in Japanese Restoration Therapy, Acupressure, Acupuncture (700+ hours), Thai Massage (Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand), and QiGong (Chinese Taoist Medical QiGong Clinic, Beijing, China), all my instructors emphasized that a practitioner must have the qualities of "Love and Compassion" otherwise one can never be a good practitioner.  I can attest that Casandra has these qualities in abundance...that is why she is such an excellent therapist and instructor.  I would not hesitate to refer close family members to her for treatments because having been the recipient of both treatments and instruction from Casandra, I can attest first hand as to her skill level.  As a practitioner for 29+ years, I can state with a great deal of confidence that it would be very, very difficult to find another therapist who can match Casandra in both skill and knowledge.


Atsushi (AL)


I’ve known Casandra MacAlan since 2009. She was my Acupressure instructor at The Fair Oaks Massage Institute. Not only was she a wonderful teacher, her knowledge and continued growth in the fields of mental, physical, and spiritual healing is an inspiration.
For the past several years I have also been a client. Casandra’s skills in Chinese medicine, psychology, and Reiki, have enabled me to balance my body and mind as one unit, creating optimum health.



Casandra, you’ve helped me see that I have full personhood…I have the rights that go along with personhood. I have the right to make my own choices, the right to be self-determining, the right to set my own boundaries.
Wow, that sounds so kick-ass!


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