Casandra's Office

  • A convenient location over the American River bridge, off of Sunrise Blvd
  • A clean, relaxing, sacred environment
  • Handicap accessible parking and ramp in front of the building
  • COVID protocols followed for safety, based on current county guidelines

Office Hours

The office is open Tuesday through Friday 10am-6pm

Virtual, phone and in person non-touch therapies are available Tues-Friday

Bodywork sessions are available Wed - Friday. 


Additional appointments available in case of emergency need.



10227 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, Ca. 95628

The office is located inside Blossoming Path, an Unusual and Unique Experience and metaphysical shop on Fair Oaks Blvd. My office is either accessible through the shop for your browsing and purchasing pleasure, or directly along the left side of the building, second door next to the garden.


If you are coming from Sunrise and Hwy 50:

Turn right onto Winding Way and stay to the right as it curves putting you onto Fair Oaks Blvd. Shortly afterwards, you will find the shop on the right hand side of the street in a red brick building, immediately before the Fair Oaks Coffee Shop and Deli.


If you are coming from Interstate 80 and Madison:

Turn right onto Sunrise, through Sunset and left onto Winding Way following the directions above.


If you are coming from Roseville on Sunrise Blvd:
Turn left onto Winding Way, following the directions above.

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