Free the Wisdom to Heal the Body: Weekly Lives

Body-Mind Mondays

  A series of 15-20 minute explorations on healing the Mind and Body, designed with you in mind.  You asked for it, you get it. Kept brief for your busy schedule.  Time and again, my students, clients and friends have asked for an ongoing lecture series that could help them learn more about themselves, holistic medicine, spirituality and more.


 My live, interactive videos are held every Monday on Facebook in a private healing group,  Free the Wisdom to Heal the Body. Click here to join:


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If you are even shorter on time you can read the transcripts of the weekly lives under the heading of BLOG above. 


Upcoming Workshops & MasterClasses

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Previous Workshops

Topic: The Care and Feeding Of You


Class Date:

Features of the Class:
  • Basic lessons on self care (our mothers and doctors
    never told us ;) 
  • How to know yourself better 
  • Finding out what brings you joy


This class is designed to teach you how to be aware of what your needs really are.. So much of the time we are too busy taking care of everyone elses needs but our own, so we lose the ability to know how to rest ourselves, heal ourselves, and treat ourselves.

 We use potentially destructive tools such as alcohol and food to fill needs we have forgotten we even have.

  Come join me for a fun, interactive workshop designed to remind you what you love!


Remember, space is limited, seating is first come, first serve unless you call to reserve a space.

Topic: The Mind Body Connection


Class Date:

Features of the Class:

  • Body intuition
  • Be your own healer
  • Learn how to listen to the signals of your body
  • Preventative medicine at its core


What is your first line of defense when you are feeling ill? Is it to contact your Doctor and have to await a visit, or are you able to go within and listen to your body's needs?

  Are you aware that the basis of Holistic Medicine is that:

"98% of all illnesses and dis-ease's of the body begin with a mental/emotional component".

  Physical pain can have a physical cause, but the reason for the intensity or the reason behind why we received injury "this time" vs any other time with a similar activity, has an energetic link.

  Why we can become ill 'for no reason' and why we can stay healthy, when everyone around us is ill.


  Come join me while we discover and share mindbody connections.

Topic: Understanding Pain


Class Date:

Features of the Class:

  • Freeing yourself from pain
  • Understanding why you hurt
  • Eliminating the need to hurt 

Topic: Energy Basics


Class Date:

Features of the Class:

  • How to increase your energy
  • How to replenish your energy
  • How to save your energy
  • How to prevent energy 'vampirism'

Topic: Why does it feel like I am bothered by everything?


Class Date:

Features of the Class:

  • Overwhelmed by minor irritations?
  • Feeling frustrated alot
  • How to get your power back
  • How to be happy